Google Game Dashboard finally coming to other platforms

Introduced in Android 12, the Google Game Dashboard is a useful tool for pushing the maximum performance out of mobile games. With power-hungry titles like Alien Isolation now available on mobile, it’s more important than ever to crank devices to the max. 

Unfortunately, Google Game Dashboard has only been available on very select devices. However, it looks like it’s finally being let loose onto other phones… with another catch. 

Google Game Dashboard no longer exclusive

Via Android Police, Google Game Dashboard may be leaving Pixel exclusivity. The overlay app lets crank out more performance in games, running the hardware as best it can. Furthermore, it allows you to livestream gameplay directly to YouTube, access achievements and more. 

In a new Google Systems Update, it suggests that other devices will gain access to the tool. However, in classic Google fashion, nothing has been confirmed, and likely won’t for quite a while. 

In the patch notes, it states that Game Dashboard will be “Available on select devices running Android T.” Of course, this could still mean Pixel exclusivity. However, it likely means more phones, even if Google won’t say which. 

Essentially, GGD will come to some of the more beloved phones on Android T, but it won’t be freely available on the Google Play Store. What we’ll say is, it should be better than other phone dashboards. 

Software exclusivity on Pixels

By far one of the most annoying aspects of Google’s Pixel phones is Google’s insistence on creating features exclusively for the devices. Brilliant features like live captions, game dashboard and more have been tied to the devices. 

As Android is an open platform, these features could be used by hundreds of millions. However, with Google’s Pixel line, some of Android’s coolest features are now not for everyone. What a slap in the face to the purpose of Android. 

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