Google gearing up to launch Gift Cards and Wishlists for Google Play

Something that a lot of people have wanted looks to be finally making its way to the Google Play store. A new update for the Google Play store APK has started rolling out and with this update comes not a whole lot visibly different. Yet when Android Police searched through the APK file, they found something very interesting, the ability to redeem Gift Card codes.

This is pretty awesome news considering that poeple will soon be able to buy Play store gift cards, apparently in $10 and $25 denominations, and use them to buy apps and games off of the Google Play store. This is also great for Android sites since we will be able to buy these gift cards and give them away. While the redeeming of gift card codes is pretty straightforward, the Wishlist option is pretty interesting itself.

While the exact use of the Wishlist isn’t yet known, we can guess it is for basically bookmarking games and applications you want to buy and return to them later when you can actually do so, probably with the use of gift cards.

We will admit one thing though, while these two new additions to the Google Play store are great and much needed when it actually launches, we can’t help but feel like the whole thing is a bit bittersweet. One thing the Google Play store has seriously needed is promo code redeeming for developers. Hopefully this is a step in that direction.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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