Google is investing heavily in VR content for the upcoming Daydream release

Google has been working on their upcoming Android-powered Virtual Reality platform Daydream since it was revealed earlier this year. Now the company has begun investing heavily in VR-related content in preparation for the launch of Daydream, which is planned for sometime in the coming weeks. All of this new content will apparently be exclusive to the Daydream platform.

A lot of the content will be in the form of 360-degree videos from YouTube stars, while other items include VR projects from Hulu. On top of that, apps and games are also being invested in, with Google partnering with video game producers and sports leagues as well. Google is also prepping Android devices already for the incoming Daydream, with an update having already started rolling out yesterday for exactly that reason to some devices.

Early draft of the Daydream headset

The headset for Daydream will fall into the same category as the Samsung Gear VR, where people will be snapping their phones into the headset in order to access the Virtual Reality content. However, any Android device that runs Android N will be able to run Daydream and be in the headset, and not just limited to a few Samsung phones like the Gear VR. The phones will also need specific components like special sensors and screens, but they won’t be limited to one manufacturer.

Once the phone is snapped in, the Daydream hub will boot up and then you’ll be able to access the Virtual Reality content. While a lot of this content is supposed to be exclusive, Google hasn’t really thrown out too many company names just yet besides YouTube, Hulu, and Wave. Unreal Engine 4 already supports Daydream as well.So we will have to wait and see what exactly this exclusive content is once Google officially launches Daydream.

Website Referenced: Bloomberg

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