Google Ventures Invests in ngmoco

In a surprising move by Google Ventures (no not really surprising), it is being reported that they have now invested in ngmoco. If you do not know what ngmoco is they are a publisher of some very popular iPhone games including We Farm which is ranked number 2 for the iPad right now on the App Store. What exactly does this mean for Android?

Well Google has made it very clear in previous new releases the Google Ventures is completely separate from Google itself. However let’s be reasonable here as any investment done by Google, Google Venture, Google Picnic Party or whatever has meaning behind it and taking a look at the recent past purchases by Google with Jambool (Social Gold), Slide and investing in Znyga it’s safe to assume there is more to this then is being said.

This is no small investment either as it is reported $3-5 million mark. While Google Ventures continues to claim they are separate from Google, it would be no shock to see ngmoco games starting to roll out onto the Android market in the near future. To date they have been pretty closed off when it comes to Android, sticking with just iPhone/iPad games for the most part.

However, being one of Apple’s top developers for games this could get rather interesting with Google Ventures investing in them. Some sort of backlash will end up happening in one form or another from Apple as that is always how it goes in this industry as of late. Right now though the Android market is a perfect place for new developers with top notch games to get in on the action and ngmoco could very well be the next one.

Website Referenced: TechCrunch

Developer Website: ngmoco

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