Gorgeous and Innovative Puzzler Prune is 75% Off on the Google Play Store

Prune, the innovative puzzler from developer Joel McDonald, is going cheap on the Google Play Store. You can get it right now for 99c, down from its usual price of $3.99.

First released in 2015, Prune has a unique gameplay mechanic that sees you pruning the branches of a tree to encourage it to grow. Which is, of course, the whole point of pruning.

There are obstacles, in the form of red circles that cause damage, as well as hostile environmental features such as rocks. You need to avoid these while gently steering your tree towards the light, whereupon you’ll be rewarded with a gratifying flurry of blossoming flowers. 

Prune has a distinctive visual style, but its sound effects are equally important to the overall effect. Like Flower, it uses subtle chiming prompts to accentuate the action. If you can call it action.

If you haven’t already played Prune, this is a good opportunity. It’s available on the Google Play Store right now for 99c. 

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