GPS and Social gaming combine to form GeoSocials for Android

It’s hard these days to come up with something completely unique in the gaming industry but developer Xlabz Technologies may have actually done that with their new GPS social game called GeoSocials. This is a location-based social game where all the players control what happens.

GeoSocials is a game where you challenge other players around you and offer up prizes whether it be points, awards, virtual or even real-life items! The concept is pretty interesting really. You can challenge a player to one of the games in GeoSocials whether it is just a simple geo-specific question or perhaps they just have to beat you in a simple game of some kind. Players who are actively hunting for ‘treasure’ will have their Treasure Hunting option enabled, which will be visible to you if you are offering up some sort of prize.


  • Easy, attractive interface
  • Hyper location based social game
  • Makes it fast and easy to find friends in your neighborhood, workplace or literally anywhere.
  • Fun game format challenges you to find and hide treasures
  • Gives you a chance to win virtual or real rewards
  • Local leaderboard for competition around your immediate vicinity
  • Global leaderboard for worldwide competition
  • Special features include accelerometer, voice activation and gestures
  • Share your wins with others on Facebook and Twitter
  • Coming Soon! Watch for Discounts and Rewards from local businesses!



To really get a grasp as to what can be done with GeoSocials you really need to read the developer description in the Android Market and/or the press release which we included below the video in it’s entire form. The possibilities are endless really, especially in terms of offering up prizes. If you want to give GeoSocials a shot you can download it off the Android Market for free right now.

Developer Website: GeoSocials Website

Android Market Link: GeoSocials

GeoSocials- Exciting GPS based social networking game NOW on Android

XLabz Technologies’ highly acclaimed GPS based social game is now officially available worldwide for iPhone and Android users.Based on the principles of gamification, GeoSocials is a real-time, GPS based social game played in and around one’s location.

XLabz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cutting edge mobile applications, officially announced the worldwide Android release of their popular virtual social treasure hunt game GeoSocials. The Android version is available worldwide for FREE on devices that support the Adobe AIR runtime.

GeoSocials is a free application for both iPhone and Android users and can be downloaded from the GeoSocials website or Android Market and Apple App Store under the Social Networking category.

Since its launch, the game’s virtual treasure hunt and location based social networking features have seen a steady increase in user adoption with several hundred players engaging live and playing across the globe.

“We’re pretty excited with the Android launch, we’ve received a lot of user requests for this release,” said Krishna Prathab RV, Founder and CEO – Xlabz Technologies. “With the game versions now available as iOS and Android we’re looking to significantly increase the user numbers to enhance the Hyper-Social experience.”

When GeoSocials Ver.1 went live (for iOS), Prathab and his team used this launch to garner user feedback and in-depth beta tester reviews to pack in additional features into the game mechanics and decided the time was right for a GeoSocials upgrade to GeoSocials Ver.2.

“With the latest release, Android users will be able to hit the game with two new features – ‘Vote for a Deal’ and ‘GeoSocials Places’ – both of which are tailored with a twist. Our take is to revisit how deals will be made in the future and how the Places users visit will respond to the link love!”

The new features are currently available with the Android version (on phones that support Adobe® AIR runtime) and will be built in to the iOS version over the next few weeks.

GeoSocials will continue to be driven by the people who play the game, and with the added features the objective is to encourage users to discover parts or their immediate and extended vicinity and build outwards. By facilitating instant social discovery, the game encourages people to be more social in real life with people who they cross paths with everyday but never get a chance to interact with or know more about.

“All of the developments present and future will be designed to facilitate players to make instant and real connections with people, both in terms of physical proximity and established social connections. At its heart, GeoSocials is about evolving our social relationships from the virtual space to the real world we live in. It’s always been about that for us”, added Prathab.

With GeoSocials Places users can now enhance their game play tactics by leveraging their favorite places as a ‘GeoBuddy Site’, a special treasure drop zone or even utilize their brand loyalty via the ‘Vote for a Deal’ feature.

“With ‘Vote for a Deal’, it’s all about getting a Place to see the kind of feedback, loyalty and affinity their consumers have. Using this we intend to get users to decide where they would like a deal and help them score one,” says Prathab.

In addition to challenging their friends or new acquaintances to a friendly real-time hyper-local game, users can now use the two new features to further heighten their experience by allowing them to wish list a deal by casting a vote, visit the place in person for an actual game-hook-up, or even expand their game outside of their city via the game platform to a social level by exchanging and posting updates or notes, recommending the same to new friends or even highlighting an event, product or personal experience, all in real-time.

“We’ve just started out and the response has given rise to some really dynamic possibilities for GeoSocials. All thanks to the game’s fans and active users,” said Prathab.

GeoSocials is currently available as iPhone and Android versions (that support Adobe® AIR runtime). Other platform releases are planned and will be announced subsequently.

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