Grand Opening!


Well it’s here, March 1st, 2010. After a lot of work this site is now officially open! We will have contests, tutorials, guides, demos, videos and a whole lot more available. There is still a lot of work to be done though…

Some of the features that are on their way include:

– Facebook/Twitter intergration

– More contests

– Exclusive Game Offers

– Droid Gamer Gear

So there is a lot to do still. I wanted to have a contest planned for this week with the grand opening but not one developer got back in touch with me to sponsor this (probably since the site is so new) so I’ll have to do this the other way and buy some game coupons and give those away. If you are a developer and would like the exposure and sponsor status for this contest, please get in touch with me.

Without further babbling on my part, I’ll just say, Welcome to Droid Gamers! Make yourself at home!

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