Green Throttle gets six more games available including Duke Nukem 3D

The Green Throttle gaming system, which consists of a controller and an application that basically turns the Android device it is installed on into a console system, has had six new games added to its catalog of supported titles. This includes the ever popular Duke Nukem 3D game for those of you who just like to shoot stuff… a lot of stuff.

For those of you not familiar with Green Throttle, this little setup will allow you to basically turn your Android device into a console, with the application not only supporting multiplayer games online but also the ability to play multiplayer games in splitscreen, just as though you were playing a game on a current console like Xbox 360 with a friend. The six new games are all pretty solid titles, all of which support multiplayer gameplay whether it be online or in-house.

FreeFall Tournament

The six new games for Green Throttle are as follows:

– Duke Nukem 3D (Free)

– The Bard’s Tale HD ($2.99)

– Painkiller: Purgatory HD ($0.99)

– Slyon Ball (Free)

– Suran (Free)

– FreeFall Tournament (Free)

Some of these games you are probably already familiar with as they are available for normal Android devices as well such as Duke Nukem 3D and The Bard’s Tale HD. However you may not know about a few of the other games. FreeFall Tournament is like a Halo-esque multiplayer FPS game where two teams battle it out in timed rounds of combat. Suran is a skill-based endless runner with four different environments and 24 different levels while Slyon Ball is a brick breaking style of arcade game with around 90 to work your way through.

If you happen to own a Green Throttle set-up then you can already download some of these six new games and start playing them right away. For those of you waiting for a review of Green Throttle before buying one, we will have that ready this week.

Developer Website: Green Throttle

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