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Grinding Gear Games Announced Path of Exile Mobile at ExileCon 2019

Path of Exile Mobile is currently in active development at Grinding Gear Games, though we’re not entirely sure if it’s a direct port of the original or something new.

It seems that the developers themselves are unsure, as they’re still working on all of that. What we’ve seen so far is simply a slice of gameplay that looks remarkably similar to the console and PC original.

It’s Unclear Whether Path of Exile Mobile Will be a Port or Something New

There’s no word on when we’ll see Path of Exile Mobile, but it seems that development is in the early stages.

If you haven’t heard of Path of Exile before, it’s an online action RPG that was designed to rival Diablo 3. You pick a character then head out on an adventure across a variety of dark environments.

You can learn more about Path of Exile by heading on over to the official site. We’ll keep you posted regarding the upcoming Path of Exile Mobile.

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