Guardian Tales Update, “Reunion”, Brings New Character to the Roster

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The latest Guardian Tales update is here! There’s a lot of new content to experience and play through, so we recommend logging in daily to make the most of it. This update marks the 16th new world update for the game, named “Reunion”.

The New Storyline

Firstly, we need to address the brand-new engaging storyline that is now in the popular mobile RPG. The main theme of this new questline is the reunion between a mysterious figure, a Knight, and the Little Princess – hence the name, “Reunion”!

Brand-New Events!

Next up, there are various new event rifts to take part in, with a plethora of freshly baked missions. As usual with events in each Guardian Tales update, there are event points on offer, as well as rewards that you can receive by participating.

You can also expect to see a special event where you can obtain nine heroes such as Oghma, Beth, and Andras! Additionally, there’s a brand-new hero in town, the “1st Corps Commander”, who makes her grand entrance in the latest Guardian Tales update. She’s a long-ranged dark element wielder who uses a staff!

50 Free Summons

From now until April 17, you can obtain 50 free summons, allowing you to get new equipment and heroes, as well as their variations.

Furthermore, there is also a boost event that is running alongside the 50 free summons event, providing you with unlimited double rewards from evolution stone dungeons and currency dungeons.

What Else is There in the Guardian Tales Update?

Lastly, there’s a range of special events coming up in the 16th Guardian Tales update, which rewards players with Summon Controllers, free gems, and other valuable items. These special events are perfect for returning players, as well as new ones – so make sure to take part in them, no matter how long you’ve been playing the RPG.

For more information about Guardian Tales, visit the official website, and download the game on Google Play! If you’re on the hunt for new games to play, take a look at our Best Android Gacha Games guide.

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