Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock now available

Glu Mobile has just released the second Guitar Hero game for Android called Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The first Guitar Hero game saw some good success on the Android market so this one should be well received. One new feature coming in Warriors of Rock is that all song are full length song and high quality ones at that.

The game setup is the same as the first Guitar Hero with 3 buttons you tap at the bottom of your screen just like the actual Guitar Hero console games. However Warrios of Rock offers up more features then the previous title as well as a general graphics overhaul which I must say look better then the first Guitar Hero game.

New Features:

  • Full length high quality songs
  • Pass through 18 challenging achievements to top the leader boards and become the best rocker in the world
  • Experience the new epic look designed for heavy music fans and amateurs
  • Play in an unlockable “Warrior” state to boost the Special Powers
  • Lot of achievements and high scoreboard thanks to OpenFeint



The music selection is pretty strong too with bands such as Aerosmith, AFI, Arch Enemy, Credence Clearwater Revival, Escape Plan, Night Ranger, Rolling Stones, RX Bandits, Slash featuring Ian Astbury, Strung Out, Sum 41 and more. A lot of people seemed to enjoy the first Guitar Hero release and they will enjoy this one as well.

One other major feature is the integration of OpenFeint as well which, as far as I know, wasn’t even listed as a game to be released with it in these waves of games from OpenFeint…nice surprise. You can grab it off the Android Market for $7.99.

I will update this post once I see it on the Android Market with a QR Code and Direct Market Link.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

Direct Market Link: N/A


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