Guns ‘N’ Glory updated – 10 new maps and 1 new unit

Guns ‘N’ Glory by HandyGames is a unique tower defense game we have grown to love. While breaking away from the static format tower defense games have, Guns ‘N’ Glory allows you to move your ‘towers’ around during gameplay. A new update just went live on the market and it is a nice sized one with 10 new maps and 1 new unit to play with.

While 10 new maps and a new unit to play in-game is great, the actual update features a slew of improvements and new elements.

Complete change log:

  • Added 10 new maps! (You have to complete Mexico to unlock Mississippi)
  • Added a new unit: the Mississippi Steamer
  • New music and sounds
  • Improved sound mixing
  • New graphic variations
  • Fixed a crash on loading
  • Changed movement arrow position
  • Fixed a problem where units could get stuck
  • Changed handling of entrance arrows
  • Fixed graphics sometimes vanishing in the menus


One of the few games we have reviewed and given a full 5/5 score, Guns’N’Glory is almost a must have for any gamer who enjoys tower defense games. If you haven’t tried this game out yet you should as you can get the full version for free with ads or pay $4.09 and have the full version without ads. If you have it already then go get the update and enjoy the new levels and unit!

Developer Website: HandyGames

Direct Market Link: Guns ‘N’ Glory

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