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Guns’N’Glory by HandyGames Review

Do you love tower defense games? If you do then Guns’n’Glory is definitely a game you should pick up. This game is tower defense from a Wild, Wild West perspective. Settlers are moving into your turf and they are brining money with them. So it’s your job to liberate them of that heavy burden and to use the money you “earn” to increase the size of your gang.

Game play: The game is pretty simple for a tower defense game; some of them can get pretty crazy. Basically like with most tower defense games you start out with cheap units and get progressively more expensive and more powerful units as the game goes. You start out with Cowboys for shooting individual units and Mexicans that throw dynamite hurting multiple units at once.

As the game progresses you will get more units like cannons and Indians and you will have to determine which combination of these works best for you and your situation at the time. Also when you get later into the game you will have the option to promote individual units. Depending on the unit this upgrade will usually increase the rate at which they fire and their weapons range.

Controls: The game is completely controlled via the touch screen. You tap on your units to select them, buy, and upgrade them. One of the things that actually makes this game great is that in most tower defense games your towers just sit there. In this game since your towers are people you can move them around! You just tap on them and drag them to where you want them. No more putting towers in a bad spot and not being able to do anything about it!


  • 10 levels with multiple waves per level and more on the way from the developer
  • High scores for each map
  • Great graphics
  • Good music and sound effects
  • Touch screen controls
  • Free to play (with ads)


Graphics: The graphics in this game are a little cartoony, in a good way, and very well done and detail. Probably some of the best graphics for a game like this on the market. Even with all the animation going on during gameplay there was no lagging involved with graphics being rendered.

Sound: You get some nice western movie style music with amusing sound effects making it a game you will enjoy playing with the volume turned up.

Overall: This is definitely a game you will want to pick up. It’s a great tower defense game that stands out among the rest. If you are a tower defense game fan then you need to have this in your game collection. It’s free to play with ads but if you really like the game you can show some love to the developer and buy it for a small price as well.

Rating: 5/5

Developer Website: HandyGames

Direct Market Link: Guns’N’Glory

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