Hacking simulation game Uplink confirmed for Android, coming soon

Back in March of this year we talked about Introversion who happened to be teasing a possible release of their cult hacking simulation game Uplink. Since then it has been pretty quite from Introversion until today where Uplink was just launched onto iOS devices. Along with this launch, Introversion has confirmed that Uplink will also be coming to Android as well.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, it was originally released onto the PC back in 2001 and quickly gained a fairly large cult following. In Uplink you will be playing as a secret agent whose job is to perform major hacks on major companies. This is how you make your living.

Screenshots from iOS version

The game sounds a lot simpler than it is and at the time of its release onto the PC it was quite a unique concept for a game. The mobile version of Uplink will have you doing the same thing as the PC version did, pulling off major hacks on major companies and getting paid for it. You will be stealing and erasing data, framing other hackers and working your way up to the top of the totem pole in the hacker society in-game. Of course there is also the possibility of getting caught.

As you complete missions you will be boosting your experience level and earn money which you can then spend on upgrading your computer systems, software, tools and all that good stuff in order to better perform you next jobs without getting caught. Currently Uplink has no official release date for Android, only that it is ‘coming soon’ which is certainly a lot better than the previous ‘maybe’ Introversion said back in may regarding the game coming to Android.

You can check out the new teaser video for Uplink for mobile below or the actual game trailer in our original article.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Introversions

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