HandyGames let’s you be the wiener dog hero in Save the Puppies

Developers at HandyGames have just flipped the page we were currently in with their previous revamp of Townsmen, which we talked about a couple of days ago. Now, they’re back in the puzzle gamess territory with a new game that will get to that part of your heart you try to avoid from time to time: your helpless love for puppies.

Save the Puppies is a nice free puzzle game that gets you to play as an ever growing Dachshund or sausage dog, whose main purpose is that of rescuing those poor caged puppies found in every level. And there’s plenty of content since you will be going through 100 different levels. As you move your furry hero around, movement points are lost (one for each step), and starting with 500 of them it’s your choice to wait for the steps to slowly refill, get some free steps through an ads network or simply buy the unlimited stages package.

Save the Puppies Features:

– Addictive puzzle adventure with 100 levels
– Cute dog puppies
– Unlimited undo function
– Zoom function for perfect overview
– Challenging but always fair puzzles
– Unlockable solutions for all levels
– Facebook support to share highscores with your friends

For the sake of tenderness in the game, graphics are very nicely drawn in a cartoon style, animations and movement effects lack any bug and don’t demand a lot from your device’s processing power, and to top it all there’s a sims-esque soundtrack that rounds everything out.

Now, Save the Puppies comes as a free game, and includes In-App Purchases intended to take off ads, buy unlimited steps or a bunch of keys to unlock levels or get solutions if you get stuck along the way.

Developer Website: HangyGames

Google Play Link: Save the Puppies

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