Hard Lines HD lands on the Android Market. Gives you that feel good Tron feeling.

There is a new line racing game in town called Hard Lines published by Jakyl and developed by Spilt Milk Studios. You may be familiar with the name Jakyl considering they have some pretty high quality 3D games available on the Android Market already. This is one of their more popular iOS titles and now it’s available for us to play.

Hard Lines is a blend of Snake and a line racing game with the feel of Tron meshed into it. While you are racing around the field trying to destroy the other lines you also collect glowing objects and of course trying not to crash yourself.


  • Hilarious Quips (not sure if this is a feature)
  • 6 Lovely Game Modes
  • Crivens! Endless Replay Value
  • Great retro Tron style graphics



Hard Lines is a simple but fun and fast-paced game to play when you have a few minutes to kill or even an hour. While you are roaming around trying to eat the glowing objects and kill your enemy lines, they to are trying to eat the same objects and kill you, all while smack talking you which is actually kind of entertaining in itself. You can grab Hard Lines off the Android Market for $2.99.

Developer Website: Jakyl

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Android Market Link: Hard Lines HD

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