Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Gets Surprise Soft Launch In Some Regions

Feature image for our Harry Potter: Magic Awakened news piece. it shows a stylized, more cartoony rendition of Hogwarts School at night, with a lake in the foreground. There are several boats on the lake, the front boat containing two student characters, and the character Hagrid, along with a lantern. They're smiling.

Fans of the Wizarding World have a reason to be pleased. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has soft-launched in several regions. Warner Brothers Games confirmed this in an announcement via the official website.

Selected Regions Only

You can check the game out if you’re in one of the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Israel
  • Luxembourg
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

For anyone whose location didn’t make the cut, you can still pre-register for the game via Google Play. This might help you in the long run if you plan on picking the game up later, as a pre-registration reward counter on the game’s site ticks up to different prize levels as players sign up.

The announcement advised players to link their accounts to a Warner Brothers account as a means to keep progress and earn a special item. This does, of course, come at the cost of your reroll options, so don’t rush to commit too soon.

The Hogwarts Experience

The game features a lot of what you might expect from a Harry Potter game. You’ll make your own ideal wizard student, get sorted into a Hogwarts house, and experience what the school has to offer.

Learning spells, participating in wizard duels, battling familiar monsters, brewing potions, interacting with other budding sorcerers, and playing Quidditch are all on the card. Though there are also cards, they’re collectible.

February saw the well-publicized, but somewhat controversial launch of Hogwarts Legacy, a PC and console-centered title set before the book and movie series.

While they might share a franchise, there’s no fear of mixing the two up. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has clearly committed to a far more stylized route than other games within the family, and you can see familiar characters rendered in a new and far more painterly style.

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