Here’s a First Look at Persona 5: The Phantom X Gameplay, Including Featured Characters

feature image for our persona 5: the phantom x gameplay news, the image features screenshots from the gameplay preview of the main character walking through school halls in their school uniform with an exclamation mark above their head, there is also a screenshot of combat gameplay with the persona 5 eye imagery that is seen in all persona 5 games with the entire face cut off from the art apart for the eyes that have a stern expression

Sit down and buckle your seatbelt for 30 minutes of Persona 5: The Phantom X gameplay. Not only do we get a closer look at the featured characters in the new mobile game, but we also get to see further aspects of the game, such as the action-packed combat!

We first reported the announcement of the Persona 5 gacha game not too long ago, so we’re happy to see that the game’s development team is providing us with more information so soon after the initial news. 

A Brand-New Persona 5 Adventure

Now, if you’re familiar with Persona 5, you’ll know that it has iconic imagery, sound design, and art direction. If you take a look at the Persona 5: The Phantom X gameplay, you’ll spot quite a few familiar touches throughout. We’re not the only ones who are spotting the similarities between the original title and this brand-new entry in the franchise. 

In fact, it’s almost like this mobile game is a direct successor from Persona 5 Royal and Strikers. The entire art direction is exactly the same as these titles with the only difference being the different cast of main characters and the fact that it’s a mobile gacha.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that though, especially considering how successful Persona 5 is in general. It’s certainly a good starting point for brand-new fans despite the fact that Persona is a long-running franchise, and is actually a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. 

The Return of the Joker

We’re happy to see returning faces in the Persona 5: The Phantom X gameplay preview, with familiar Shadows and the main protagonist of Persona 5, Joker, appearing in the party during a clip of combat. Honestly, it’s looking like this gacha RPG is going to be a fantastic entry in the series and will certainly open up the franchise to more players.

Additionally, we initially thought that it was a mobile-only game, but it’s due to come out on PC too! This is a brilliant move for the development team as this will definitely broaden the horizon for the game.

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