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Persona 5 Gacha is in the Works, but Where’s Morgana?

feature image for our persona 5 gacha news, the image features promo art for the game with the familiar persona art style of 3 new characters as they wear their costumes and eye masks, with a small character that resembles an owl, there is comic book style buildings and text too, there is also a screenshot from the game of a character stood in the middle of the city of tokyo as they are surrounded by neon signs and buildings

It looks like a Persona 5 gacha is on the horizon. After collaborating with multiple gacha games throughout recent years, the popular franchise seems to be making its very own gacha. It sounds like exciting news for Persona fans, but how successful will it be?

Who’s in the Persona 5 Gacha?

All we know so far is that it exists and that it has an official website at this current time. Firstly, the home page features unfamiliar characters. When you think of Persona 5, you envision Joker, Morgana, Anne, and other fan-favorite characters. However, it doesn’t look like they’re the main focus in the gacha game, surprisingly. 

The protagonist this time isn’t the usual Joker. It’s a red-haired boy who studies at Kiba Academy, and his first persona is “Yanoshik”. While Morgana doesn’t seem to be one of the main characters in the game, at least not at launch, there’s a character that resembles an owl at least. Even its description sounds similar to Morgana’s original introduction in Persona 5. 

What’s the Gameplay Like?

Our first glimpse of what the gameplay is like is shown in an image that looks pretty familiar to avid Persona fans. The usual stylish character portrait appears in the left-hand corner, while a bunch of students sits in a classroom – it even has the comic-book style dialogue box too.

Now, there’s a small slideshow feature at the bottom of the website which displays a few images from the game. After you scroll through a couple of screenshots, you can see the Phantom Thieves! We assume this is confirmation that the original Persona 5 characters are in the game at some point. So far, we can spot Yusuke, Ryuji, Joker, Morgana, Anne, Makato, and Haru – exciting!

That about does it for the amount of information we can gather from the official website at the moment. Our main guess is that the Persona 5 gacha game follows a brand-new storyline within the same universe as the original. Personally, we can’t wait to see fresh palaces and new faces as we explore Tokyo one again!

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