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Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, the Card Battler’s Take on Auto Chess, is Out Now in Open Beta on Android

Hearthstone has just received its latest mode, Battlegrounds, in a brand new update. The mode is in open beta, so expect some changes between now and its full release.

Battlegrounds is basically Hearthstone’s take on Auto Chess, with you and seven other players battling each other in an arena.

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Plays a Lot Like Auto Chess

You’ll select a hero from the Hearthstone universe, recruit minions, and send them out into battle against your real-life opponents.

Once battle starts, you can no longer participate. Battlegrounds is a game of strategy, rather than reflexes, so it’s all about building a dominant team that can succeed without your input.

Head on over to Google Play right now to check out Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, available now in open beta.

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