Help guinea pigs sent to Mars to find life in upcoming game Martian Caves

Eclecto Bird and Rudy Kong need your help! As guinea pigs sent to find life on Mars, the unthinkable happens when they land and unexpectedly fall into underground caverns. It is here that their journey for home begins from the abyss below. In what can be described as a platform adventure, the Italian software house Youmble, hope to take you on a fantastical journey with their two protagonists.

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They begin doing so with an interesting back story told through unique cut scenes created in comic book panel form. The art style is colorful and unique. In the game you will be piloting a VERNE module (Vehicle-for-Exploration: Return-Not-so-Essential) through forty levels. The ship has the ability to walk, fly, shoot and move freely in every corner of the game in search of hidden stars needed to advance. The ship also has a tethering capability which can be used to aid you on your perilous journey. Eclecto Bird and Rudy Kong will encounter giant worms, carnivorous plants and other creatures that are determined to make this the last space expedition our heroes ever make.

You don’t have to wait long to play this game. Martian Caves is to be released May 23rd on Android and later on IOS. It will also be free to play. We are keeping our eyes on this one and will provide a review once the game is released. Martian Caves looks like a fun game to play and one that will breathe new life into the platformer category.

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