Help your beachball reach the party in Party Ball Arcade, now available from Google Play

Released by AAGH Games, Party Ball Arcade is a new casual game for the Android platform. Players will look to control the rolling of the eponymous party ball towards the end of each level. Players will be using tilt controls to navigate each level, with over forty currently in the game right now.

Players will be able to fight back with a charged attack, activated by pressing and holding down on the screen. All told, the forty levels are spread out over three different worlds, with each world having its own boss to deal with. Defeating a boss unlocks both the next world, as well as a bonus map for the world just completed. Along the way to the exit of a given level, 8 cups of cola will need collecting in order to finish it. Levels often contain alternate routes as well, so more than 8 might be contained within it.

Players will also need to avoid the various hazards that will come across your path that include raccoons and crabs, most of which are looking to pop the party ball. The party ball getting popped isn’t a good thing.

Party Ball Arcade is available for free from Google Play and contains no IAPs.

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