Day: 2 February 2016


Plants vs Zombies 2 starts up a 13-day Valenbrainz Event today

Plants vs Zombies 2 usually has special in-game events themed after most holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception to the rule. Beginning today players will be able to partake in a new 13-day Valenbrainz Event which features new plants, levels, costumes, zombies, and more. Then, right after this event ends, the Modern Day Part 2 update will arrive for Plants vs Zombies 2 on February 16th.


Terra Sella Corporation are designing gaming chairs with features for all gamers including mobile gamers

Mobile gaming is by its very definition playing games while on the go. However, the entire platform has progressed to the point where you can sit at home playng your favorite mobile games for hours, playing them on your Android TV set-top box/console of choice, streaming on Twitch, and even eSports competitions. So with that evolution it should be no surprise that other aspects of the traditional gaming platforms are also making their way into the world of mobile gaming.