Nvidia pulls the Marshmallow update for the original Shield Tablet because of Wi-Fi issues

A lot of owners of the original Nvidia Shield tablets were happy yesterday when we reported that the much awaited Marshmallow update had started to roll out for a majority of those devices. Well today Nvidia has pulled that update due to apparent Wi-Fi issues because of a bug arriving with that update.

The bug showing up is actually somewhat of a nasty one, which basically severs internet connectivity to your device when using Wi-Fi. In other words, using Wi-Fi nets you zero internet access.

This is only for the original Shield Tablet update from yesterday and has nothing to do with the newer Shield Tegra K1 tablets. So if you own one of those, you’re all clear and don’t have to worry about this bug. Nvidia hasn’t mentioned as to when the update would be reinstated and become available for download once again, but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Forums

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