Herman the Hermit set to be released for Android in December

Mad, crazy, Chuck Norris like skill and probably drunk judging by the picture. That is what Herman the Hermit is. Developed by VisualDreams, this is a 2D platform jumping game although with how the graphics look in the preview screenshots saying that it is 2D seems a bit of a stretch. It looks a lot more 3D than 2D graphically.

Developed using the Airplay Engine and SDK, Herman the Hermit is a platform game with a lot of eye candy and humor. Your job is to guide Herman up mountains using jumps and collecting the occasional power-up to help along the way. According to the developers the game is “easy to play but hard to master”.


  • Great graphics
  • Easy controls (touch screen)
  • Endless and High Score gameplay modes
  • Unique power-ups



Judging from the screenshots it looks like a mix between an Abduction! style game and something like Up in the Arrr! which could prove to be quite the addictive mix. You’ll need to have the right angle and power to jump to the appropriate platform. While the game is slated for release on Bada in late November, we will be able to get our version a few weeks later in mid-December. This will be VisualDreams first game for any platform and it looks to be a promising one.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: VisualDreams

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