Herocraft release a new expansion pack for Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom

One of the more unique games Herocraft has recently come out with is a sim game called Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom where you build up your kingdom and control your people. The unique part though is that you have to appease your people to actually get them to do stuff.

Should they not feel like it, or if the reward/payment isn’t good enough, your people won’t bother to do what you ask of them. Also a lot of odd things can happen in the game such as having your currency be switched to something like cookies. All of this while defending your kingdom from Dragons and other rather large creatures. Originally this game was for the PC, as was this new expansion, and now Herocraft has released the new add-on called The Northern Expansion for Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom.

The Norther Expansion Features:

– new missions and new location – Northern Lands
– legendary indirect control strategy totally adapted for mobile platforms
– 10 types of hero with dozens of statistics, weapons and armour
– new monsters
– several dozen spells
– 30 upgradeable building types
– changeable weather
– all game awards and high-scores can be integrated into your social networks with one click
– skirmish mode

The new expansion pack brings with it all new content including a new snowy land to continue your conquests in and interchangeable weather. Also coming with the new expansion are some improvements in the graphics department and integration into social networks. Of course there are plenty more monsters to defends your kingdom from as well, missions to complete and a new Skirmish game mode.

For those of you who are fans of the first game, this is pretty much a must-have download. If you haven’t played either of them yet, it’s a pretty interesting game and rather enjoyable, especially if you like strategy/sim games. You can download the new expansion off the Android Market for $2.99.

Developer Website: Herocraft

Android Market Link: Majesty: Northern Expansion

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