Herocraft unleashed Battle Boats 3D onto the Market. Time to blow stuff up.

Herocraft has made some pretty unique and fun games in the past for Android devices and their new game, Battle Boats 3D, looks to be up there as one of their best games yet. You will be thrust into a war between three rival gangs in a post-apocalyptic war except battles are fought on the water in boats with big weapons.

When you start, you’ll be asked to pick which of the three clans you want to join and from that point on, that is your crew. Battle Boats 3D combines the action of high speed racing on water with that of a 3rd person shooter. All your controls on touch screen as per usual and you’ll have plenty of missions to keep you busy as you help your clan become the dominate one.

As you go through the missions you’ll be earning money which you use to upgrade your boat with better weapons and upgrades for your boat. If you enjoy racing games or action games, then you’ll probably want to check this game out as it has a nice blend of both. You can grab it off the Android Market for $1.60. It is pretty nice to see Herocraft dropping some 3D games on us Android gamers instead of their usual highly detailed 2D games.

Developer Website: Herocraft

Market Link: Battle Boats 3D


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