Heroes of Skyrealm is an upcoming Action-RPG that actually looks quite good

There’s a new Action-RPG heading to Android in the near future called Heroes of Skyrealm. This isn’t one of those ‘collectible RPGs’ as we like to call them. Instead it is actually an Action-RPG which is nice for a change. On top of that, at least from what we see in the pre-launch trailer and screenshots, this game actually looks quite good.

In Heroes of Skyrealm, players take the role of the main character who is the leader of a rebellious band of heroes, taking command of a city in the sky, a vast and upgradeable airship that also serves as the main interface between battles. At its core, the storyline is all about ridding what you think is the evil in your world and restoring peace. Visually, everything is rendered in pretty solid looking 3D graphics and the combat looks pretty fluid.

While we don’t have a ton of details about this game, we do know a few things. Players will have companions and these will have their own AI as well. Teams will consist of up to 3 heroes including yourself. That’s for the single-player content anyways. The multiplayer content is a bit different as there happens to be 3-player co-op to try and beat, as well as multiplayer PvP. All of the combat happens in real time.

In total there are 10 different nations with a total of 30 characters coming from those nations. This means each character has their own backstory, traits/personalities, skill and so on. Some characters also have a sort of synergy with other ones, so you may find a good combination of characters to use that compliment each other.

Heroes of Skyrealm is slated for release onto Android sometime in the middle of this year, although we don’t know a specific date or month as of yet. However, you can sign up ahead of time for this game by heading over to its micro-site. Pre-registering will net you a few bonuses in-game when Heroes of Skyrealm does launch.

Official Website: Heroes of Skyrealm

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