Hidden Gem: Lazy Snakes physics-based puzzle game by Primadawn

About a week ago we were told about a new physics-based puzzle game with some similar mechanics to Angry Birds that had landed on the Android Market. Developed by Primadawn, Lazy Snakes does indeed take a couple of the gameplay mechanics from Angry Birds but widely expands on how you solve each stage.

Lazy Snakes has you basically using a sling shot to shoot food over to various snakes located around each stage. The whole slingshot idea is about where the Angry Birds comparison ends though as you will have to deal with switches, portals, boosters and a slew of other mechanics you will have to use in order to get the food to all the snakes.

Lazy Snakes Features (there’s a lot):

+ New and challanging Game
+ Great fun for all ages
+ 48 levels, all free, and a lot more coming soon
+ Beautiful and unique graphics
+ Original music
+ Smooth gameplay
+ Relaxed mode – Take your time to think and aim
+ Timed mode – Challenge your self and make more money
+ 4 types of mice and a bomb are revealed during the first 50 levels

– Regular
– Paratrooper
– Bouncy
– Jet-Pack
+ Treasure – Diamonds, Rubies and Coins to collect
+ Special elements revealed during the first 35 levels

– Wormhole
– Doors
– Gravity changing elements
– G-Sensor control element
– Bouncing board
+ Easy to play, challenging to get the gold trophies

This game really brings a new level of challenge to the whole “physics-based puzzler” genre considering some of the intricate moves you have to make and the problem solving skills some stages take in order to pass them. It is definitely not a game where you will breeze through all 48 stages right away unless you really sit there and concentrate on the game for a few hours.

As one commenter on the Android Market said: “It is Angry Birds on steroids” and that certainly is true. If you are up for a challenge and enjoy physics-based puzzle games then you may want to check Lazy Snakes out. You can download the game off the Android Market for free. You can check the game out in action in the video above.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Lazy Snakes

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