Hidden Gem: Stylish platformer by Triolith Entertainment called Wisp

A lot of game developers release some pretty great games that unfortunately don’t get a lot of exposure on the Android Market. Sometimes it’s due to a lot of games being uploaded to the market making the ‘Just in’ category a fast-paced game itself. Other times it could just be lack of media announcements or just being passed over by users.

One such game is Wisp by Triolight Entertainment which is a style little platform/puzzle game for Android. Coming in a Lite version to try out, a Free version with ads or a paid version with no ads, this game features some pretty decent and smooth controls, interesting gameplay and some style fantasy themed graphics to tie it all together.


In Wisp you play as Eira, a wisp who is lost and it is your job to help her find her way home. Along the way you’ll have to complete each stage by collecting all three gems while hopefully not getting consumed by the corrupted forest.Your controls are prettyy easy to get used to as well. To ascend you just tap and hold your finger on the screen. To go left or right, just tilt your device in the direction. You will also have some help with different shrines and boosts that give you special abilities such as the Fire Shrine which allows you to burn through spider webs which will open up new paths for you to take.

While you enjoy the visuals you will also be treated to some great music in-game that really helps set the mood. You will have 30 levels to complete and plenty of achievements to unlock with OpenFeint integrated into it. If you are looking for a new platformer to try out and want something a little different from the normal, check out Wisp by Triolith Entertainment.

Developer Website: Triolith Entertainment

Android Market Link: Wisp

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