Hidden Gem: Tree Jumper by Wavecrest Entertainment – The fun of being a rare blue squirrel

In concept Wavecrest Entertainment’s new game, Tree Jumper, isn’t really new as it is similar to games like Mega Jump, however, it does feature some new mechanics that are not really found in similar titles plus the graphics are pretty polished as well.

In Tree Jumper you control a rare blue squirrel who will be jumping from branch to branch. The goal is to see how high up you can get and as you progress higher you unlock new power-ups but it isn’t an easy journey as you will have to avoid lots of traps and, of course, other animals who think blue squirrel is a rather delicious snack.

Tree Jumper Features:

– Innovative platform design—rotate around the tree as you jump from branch to branch!
– Unlock fireballs, lightning and other power-ups by reaching new heights!
– Unlock items to help you jump higher, like trampolines and springs!
– Avoid enemy animals like birds and nests of bees!
– Multiple themes!

There is a bit of action involved in this game as well since you will be able to unlock things like fireballs which you can use to defend yourself against other animals. This is something not a lot of these types of games come with. As you are jumping up higher and higher you will also be rotating around the tree so you won’t always know what to expect after each jump. It’s a nice little bit of extra challenge.

If you’re in the mood for a game that is a little more on the casual side but still a lot of fun, and challenging, you might want to check this game out. Tree Jumper comes in two flavors on the Android Market, a free demo version to try out and a full version which you can buy for $0.99. You can check the game out in action in the video above.

Developer Website: Wavecrest Entertainment

Android Market Link: Tree Jumper

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