Highly Acclaimed Horror Game Distraint 2 is Half Price on Google Play

Distraint, the critically adored horror adventure game from Finnish developer Jesse Makkonen, is currently half price on Google Play. 

First released on mobile around a year ago, Distraint 2 is the sequel to Distraint. Like the best horror fiction, it unsettles and disturbs rather than shocks. Jump scares are nowhere to be found.

Distraint 2 casts you in the role of Price, who sold his soul for a job promotion, thus dooming him to unimaginable horrors, while presumably also improving his financial situation.

Gameplay-wise, you’ll need to navigate from screen to screen, collecting items and solving puzzles. It’s a streamlined adventure game experience that allows the horror to flourish. 

You can download Distraint 2 right now for $2.99.

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