Highly rated iOS city building puzzler called MegaCity now available for Android

A rather unique and highly rated puzzle game from Cole Powered Games, the developers who brought us Planet Wars, has jumped from iOS and has landed on Android. MegaCity is an interesting mash-up of city building and puzzle gameplay rolled into one title which is one of those easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master type of titles.

In MegaCity you will be in charge of using the buildings in the queue in order to construct a flourishing city full of happy citizens. However, you will have to factor in what the population wants and the city’s budget when figured out what buildings to put in the queue at any specific time. For example, people don’t want to live near a landfill but rather a park or school, so it is all about careful planning in order to score the most points.

MegaCity Features:

-Dozens of different buildings with 10 unlockable buildings!
-Challenge Mode with 6 challenges.
-Local & online high scores
-George Gershwin Soundtrack

This game actually plays at a rather quick pace so you will have to be quick with your thinking and planning of your city. As it fills up, more spaces are revealed for you to build more buildings, sort of like a Tetris game almost. For those of you who enjoy unique and challenging puzzle games, you’ll want to check this one out. MegaCity will set you back a mere $0.99 off of Google Play. There is also an Xperia exclusive version on Google Play for the same price.

Google Play Link: MegaCity

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