Hipster Whale shows off gameplay for their upcoming Pac-Man 256 game with new video

Yesterday we reported on new screenshots showing the actual Pac-Man 256 game that Hipster Whale and Bandai Namco announced not too long ago. Today Hipster Whale has followed up with a video showing a first look of the actual gameplay in action for Pac-Man 256, and it looks like it will be fun.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Pac-Man 256 will be Hipster Whale putting their unique touch on the classic Pac-Man game. So players will be eating dots and avoiding ghosts. There is, however, additional ghosts added to this game as well as one big extra threat to deal with, the Level 256 Glitch from the original Pac-Man arcade game. Back when competitive arcade game playing was really big, players would reach level 256 and due to a bug half the screen would change into gibberish, rendering the game unplayable.

So this game will have the 256 glitch trying to overtake the level and you’ll be needing to avoid it while eating dots and avoiding ghosts, since this game plays out like an endless runner of sorts. It is an interesting mix and it looks quite fun, especially now that we can actually see the game in action with this new video. Of course we will save our official opinion for when the game is released and we get to actually play it.

Pac-Man 256 is still slated for release this Summer onto Android and iOS, although no specific release date has been announced. When it does launch, it will be available for download for free. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer above.

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