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Honkai Star Rail Players to Be Given Compensation for 1.1 Live Stream Issues

feature image for our honkai star rail live stream, the image features official promo art of the characters from the game such as march 7th, dan heng, welt, trailblazer, himeko, and kafka, with a planet behind them all in the distance, and a space ship

So, the Honkai Star Rail live stream happened… but only for the CN audience. Due to technical difficulties, the initial schedule didn’t go as planned. 

Many players were confused as 12:30 BST rolled around, and there were no live streams on the official Honkai Star Rail channels.

What Exactly Happened?

While it seemed like a slight bump in the road at first, 1 minute turned into 5 minutes, and so on. Fans quickly rushed to the Honkai Star Rail Twitter page to find out what was happening, but there were no announcements during the live stream period. 

In fact, they didn’t actually tweet about the extreme delay until after the CN live stream ended – the original tweet can be found here.

Streamers were hoping to watch the live stream with their viewers, but alas, they could not. It really did put a spanner in the works, and a pretty big dampener on the exciting event for a lot of players. 

Is There Compensation?

While we were able to gather a few pieces of information from the live stream itself, we now have to wait for a re-broadcast at 12:30 BST on May 27  – a whole 24 hours later. There had been speculations that it would air this evening, but Hoyoverse has decided to push it back until tomorrow.

Due to this major error, Honkai Star Rail players will be given 100x Stellar Jade as compensation via a special redemption code that will be shown during the broadcast. It was a disappointing afternoon for those who were looking forward to the new announcements, but we’re just glad that it hasn’t been completely cancelled.

If you missed the snippets of what was announced during the 1.1 live stream, take a look at our Honkai Star Rail 1.1 livestream article – we plan to update this once more information becomes available after tomorrow’s broadcast.

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