Did HoYoverse Just Reveal The Honkai: Star Rail Release Date?

The featured image for our Honkai Star Rail release date article, featuring a character from the game looking off in the distance, to the side of the character. A slogan at the bottom of the image reads "May this journey lead us starward."

Honkai: Star Rail is up for pre-registration on the mobile stores yet the App Store revealed a nice surprise: a release date of April 26. If this is, indeed, official, it’s safe to assume this would be the same for Android audiences.

Honkai: Star Rail is an upcoming gacha RPG that focuses on the struggle between the protagonist and the oppressive Voidrangers of the Animatter Legion. It’s a space fantasy RPG in which you travel to new worlds, discover hidden truths, and meet friends old and new along the way.

Hinted, But Not Confirmed

Google Play and App Store dates are subject to change, so we should take this release date with a pinch of salt. However, the expected date does give us a rough time period in which the game will launch.

Expectations Are High

A Reddit post sharing the news, as well as the pre-registration for the game, naturally opened up a floor of discussion. Here, fans speculate what they think of the potential release date.

One user, @Remobius, writes “I mean, 26 april is 7 march by lunar calendar, so I think it is real date”.

The developer of the hugely popular gacha game, Genshin Impact, is behind Honkai: Star Rail. For this reason, there’s naturally a lot of anticipation for the upcoming gacha, and we were able to gauge the fan reaction from the same sub-reddit. It seems there’s a mixed bag of reactions on the post, swelling between optimism and pessimism.

One user, @DeiZeiga, writes “I hope it comes to console one day like Genshin and my iPhone can’t handle another gacha […] So I’ll try it on my laptop I guess lol it looks REALLY cool.”

Contrasting this hopeful comment, the user @Shadowsw4w writes “Nope wont touch that sh*t… you cant bait me again with your arifact gearing miHoYo”.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently in it’s final beta. Whether it’s April, or some time after, it’s safe to imagine an official release date will be upon us soon.

In the meantime, have a read of our article that details the Honkai: Star Rail pre-registration and final beta.

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