The Final Honkai Star Rail Trailer Releases Hours Before The Worldwide Launch

feature image for our honkai star rail trailer news, the image features screenshots from the brand-new trailer, with one image being of march 7th holding an umbrella over her head as she looks up, there is also a screenshot of the main player, called trailblazer, reaching forwards with flames behind him

All aboard the Astral Express! It’s almost time for the release of Honkai Star Rail, one of the most anticipated gacha games in recent times. It’s not surprising, considering that HoYoverse is behind the game. If you’re not too sure who that is, it’s the creator of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, arguably two of the highest-grossing mobile gacha games. 

Now, we’ve been reporting on Honkai Star Rail for quite some time now. We even delved into the producer’s main inspiration behind the game. Anyway, with the launch just around the corner, HoYoverse has released an exciting new trailer aptly-titled “Interstellar Journey”.

The Latest Honkai Star Rail Trailer

If you haven’t watched it yet, we’ll include it below!

The bulk of the trailer contains short clips of the character roster. You can see fan-favourite characters like March 7th and Seele. It doesn’t really tell us much about what the game entails, but it’s nice to see previews of each character. 

It’s incredibly stylish too, especially when the trailer starts showcasing high-impact battles around the 1-minute mark. It does give us a glimpse into each character’s abilities, but nothing will compare to actual gameplay. 

Excitement Ensues

The trailer itself does a great job at ramping up the hype even more – which is a fantastic feat, as the excitement amongst fans is already bursting through the roof worldwide. In fact, the official Honkai Star Rail Twitter account announced the release of the trailer’s song in a tweet earlier today.

The marketing team is surely going to have a lot of work under their belts over the coming days. However, it’s already been working hard for months at this point, and the number of pre-registrations is a clear indication of the likely success of Star Rail. The first character trailer released a year ago, and it’s been nonstop for the HoYoverse since, with character trailers dropping every few weeks. 

Whether we receive more preview videos or images prior to the launch at 3am BST, only time will tell. Though we do expect to see more promotional material during launch day tomorrow.

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