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Hoods Robbery Is a 3D Heist Game with Tons of Characters, Masks, and Weapons

Robbing a bank is either the quickest way to acquire a shedload of cash, or the quickest way to get a bullet between the eyes, depending on your luck. 

If Hoods Robbery is anything to go by, it’s also an excellent way to liven up your mobile gaming sessions. 

Developed by Engin Guven Productions, Hoods Robbery is a frenetic and wildly entertaining third-person shooter that sees you carrying out robberies and building up your hood. 

Each player has their own hood to cultivate, consisting of a subway and a market. There are three types of hood to pick from, all with their own unique pathways to reach the bank. 

Plus, there are 40 different characters on offer, as well as 25 different masks, including Panda, Luchador, Horse, Trump, Chicken, Hockey, Alien, and Fox. 

Naturally, there’s range of weapons to choose from, such as the accurate but relatively feeble pistol and the deadly but imprecise shotgun. You’ll also get to try out sniper rifles, bombs, AK47s, M4s, and more. 

Gameplay-wise, Hoods Robbery sees you taking out rival gangsters to protect your hood and stealing cash to spend on items and upgrades. 

Whenever you carry out a robbery you need to take down the cops and reach the safety of the subway, where you can make good your escape. 

In the process you can climb buildings, to give yourself a better vantage point from which to fire off a few sniper rifle rounds. And you can visit ambulances for a quick health boost, or ammo vans to stock up on bullets. 

If you manage to kill more than three enemies in a row, meanwhile, you’ll activate a kill streak, allowing you to rack up maximum points and achieve the best possible post-round statistics. 

It’s a super-fun premise, brilliantly executed. 
You can check out Hoods Robbery for yourself by downloading it for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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