HTC and Valve hoping to have developer sign-ups live next week for a free Vive VR headset

One of the upcoming VR headsets that has a lot of attention on it right now is the HTC Vive, a team effort between Valve and HTC. Well HTC is hoping to have developers signing up for a free HTC Vive headset ‘soon’, and by ‘soon’ the company is hoping to have things going by next week.

Depending on where you look, there really is no specific date as for when headsets will be available for developers. On the Valve SteamVR page it says the developer edition of the Vive will be available this Spring. However some developer have apparently already been approved and possibly even received a headset early. Spokesperson Doug Lombardi has revealed that there will be a new site launching soon that will have more information for developers to read through as well as actual sign-up forms for them to use. What is even better is that all developers, big or small, can apply.

The plan is to have this new site up as early as next week. Whether the sign-up forms are actually active at launch, or shortly after, remains to be seen. Giving away free headsets to developers is a smart move which directly contrasts what the HTC Vive’s main competitor, the Oculus Rift, has been doing which is allowing anyone who wants to spend $350 to get a headset to develop for.

When the HTC Vive website for developers launches, we will post an update. The HTC Vive is one of the more promising headsets right now for Virtual Reality.

Website Referenced: TheVerge

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