HTC invests $40 million into cloud gaming service OnLive. We get slightly aroused.

Cloud gaming service OnLive just received a fairly nice deposit into their bank account in the size of a cool $40million dollars thanks to an investment by HTC into the company. Back in December we reported that OnLive would be coming to Android in a limited capacity at first with gameplay coming in the future.

Well that future could be a lot sooner then expected thanks to this new investment by HTC. Considering the size of the investment and the fact it was done by HTC, we could see OnLive coming along with future HTC Android devices.

OnLive is a cloud gaming service which lets you stream games to any device with a connection such as your TV, PC, mobile phone, tablet, dog, cat or small fish. Seriously though, if you have a device with an internet connection, chances are you’ll be able to stream games to it. The investment is being deemed by HTC as a move to “strengthen its gaming capabilities and help HTC tap into increasing demand for games on smartphones”.

More proof needed that HTC is jumping into the mobile gaming arena? Right after that investment, HTC acquired a company called Saffron Digital which handles video-on-demand content with some big clients such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.

We could very well be seeing OnLive cloud gaming built right into the hardware/software of future HTC devices in the very near future. This could get interesting with all this new gaming related features landing on our laps and competition looks like it’ll start heating up to tap into the Android gaming market.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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