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Nvidia Shield will be available in Europe tomorrow. Also forms a new partnership with Google Fiber.

While the big news today regarding the Nvidia Shield Android TV is that GeForce Now will be launching tomorrow, that isn’t all of the news regarding Nvidia today. If you live in Europe, all you’ve really been able to do is stare at pictures of the Shield Android TV. Tomorrow that changes as well since the company has now made it available for European residents.


GameFly’s streaming service comes to Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box

Amazon has made a move to bring a bit more gaming power to their Amazon Fire TV set-top box. In an announcement today, Amazon has brought GameFly’s streaming service to their set-top box in an attempt to offer owners, and future owners, more gaming possibilities with Amazon Fire TV. The service itself hasn’t fully launched onto all platforms and all regions yet, which is interesting since it is now available for Amazon’s Fire TV.


Square Enix makes Final Fantasy XIII is now available on Android in a rather unique way

This could be the start of something beautiful for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. It is no secret that square Enix has said that any games in the franchise, starting at Final Fantasy VII and anything newer, probably won’t see the light of day on a mobile device, at least not anytime soon. However it appears that Square Enix has come up with a bit of a unique method to bring mobile gamers the ability to play Final Fantasy XIII. Of course there are a few stipulations.


OnLive Bringing Cloud Gaming Services to Wikipad

OnLive is working with Wikipad to make streaming cloud PC games playable with the Wikipad’s included controller encasing. OnLive is a cloud gaming service that lets users play games via streaming to devices that can be connected to the OnLive controller or other compatible controllers. However, in the case with Wikipad, the controller the tablet sits in will now work with OnLive games.