Nvidia Shield will be available in Europe tomorrow. Also forms a new partnership with Google Fiber.

While the big news today regarding the Nvidia Shield Android TV is that GeForce Now will be launching tomorrow, that isn’t all of the news regarding Nvidia today. If you live in Europe, all you’ve really been able to do is stare at pictures of the Shield Android TV. Tomorrow that changes as well since the company has now made it available for European residents.

Tomorrow is shaping up for a big day for Nvidia and their Shield Android TV unit. European residents will be able to purchase their unit tomorrow finally, and for those of you curious about GeForce Now access, yes you will have that available as well. The official list of regions who will have access to purchasing the Shield Android TV is UK, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

On top of that, tomorrow the Shield Android TV in the US will begin showing up on Google Fiber storefronts in a new partnership between Nvidia and Google. This makes complete sense and probably should have been done before now since GeForce Now relies on a solid internet connection to stream those high-end PC games to your Shield devices. Of course this requires you to actually have access to Google Fiber.

As we mentioned earlier, tomorrow is a big day for Nvidia and you can bet we will be going hands-on with the new service the moment it launches. We will post an update tomorrow with where you can buy a Shield Android TV unit for you Europeans out there eager to get one.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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