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Two new games by Nvidia are now available for Shield and GRID users – Dead Island and Saints Row: The Third

Nvidia Shield owners who also enjoy playing games through Nvidia’s cloud game streaming service GRID has a couple of additional games to check out and both of them are pretty solid titles. For those of you who are into zombies, you will want to check out Dead Island. If you’re a fan of the Saints Row franchise then you’ll be happy to know that Saints Row: The Third is now available to play.


[CES2013] nVidia officially reveals GRID, their answer to standardize and improve cloud gaming

nVidia had a lot to say this year during their press conference which was one of the longer ones we’ve ever attended. Along with their announcement of Tegra 4, which is now official, and Project Shield, there portable Android gaming system, and showcasing some of the upcoming Tegra 4 games like Dead Trigger 2. Also announced was nVidia’s GRID, their answer to improving cloud gaming.


The Adventures of OnLive: Buy-out company revealed, HTC to lose $40 million and other fun quests

While the title may seem a bit sarcastic, or humorous depending on your sense of humor, no doubt a lot of people have been following what has been going on with OnLive over the past few days since rumors began that the company would suddenly be closing its door to massive lay-offs and it being bought out. Since late Friday, after all the dust settled, we knew more about the situation and the impending buy-out of the game streaming service.