Day: 4 January 2013


The highlights of 2012 and the Android gaming news that happened

It’s safe to say that this year marked major leaps and bounds for the Android platform. On the technical side, Jellybean demonstrated the maturity of Google’s OS, visually smoothing many jagged edges and packing MORE new features which Apple will inevitably emulate and sue for. Most notably for gamers, multi-user profiles gave way to sighs of collected relief as roommates everywhere can now stop “accidentally” deleting game progress by starting new games; parents can now finally fork over their slates to their kids without the fear of their little ones finding… in-app purchases.


5 changes we’d like to see made to Google Play this year

Google Play is an integral part of an Android gamer’s life, as one would most probably purchase games from there. Yes, there are alternatives such as the Amazon Appstore, but Google Play is the default choice in this respect. As such, it is important that Google Play is set-up in such a way that it can further augment a gamer’s experience while browsing for new games. Here’s 5 changes we hope Google would see fit to implement in the near future.


American McGee hits up Kickstarter for additional funding for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a game we’ve talked about a few times in the recent past. Developed by American MeGee and his company Spicy Horse Games, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a rather good looking action RPG that tells a rather twisted version of Red Riding Hood while meshing it with setting it in the Edo period of Japan, inspired by ancient demons, with hand-painted visuals.


The Walking Dead: The Game, Limping Past Android

After an explosive season finale to Walking Dead: The Game, Telltale Game’s point and click survival adventure garnered numerous “Game of the Year” from online gaming publications and gamers alike (and my personal favorite of the year). After debuting on major gaming consoles, Xbox, PS3 and the PC, the game also saw simultaneous release on the iPad. It’s use of slow paced gameplay and narrative focus translated well for touch gaming. However if you’re wishing to experience this excellent post zombie apocalypse on those shiny Nexus tablets, don’t bother holding your breath.