Watch Sonic 4 Episode II, OnLive and Mupen64plus emulator running on OUYA

Well, we did mention that now developers or people with a fair amount of money to blow would be receiving their OUYA development kits over the past week and that videos would start appearing more and more, we now have a good look at the graphics and performance of OUYA running Android games simply installed using their .apk files without any porting having been done.

The first video below showcases a rather fast-paced game many of us have sunk some time into called Sonic 4 Episode II. So far the OUYA console seems to handle it rather well, not that it is a heavily graphic intensive game or anything but it is fast-paced so keeping up with the game is important.

The second video, also below, shows off OnLive running on OUYA. OnLive will come with OUYA when it launches so you won’t need to install the apk file or anything if you want to play some Triple-A games via the cloud. OUYA seems to handle OnLive pretty good which it should anyways considering that this is cloud gaming so OUYA shouldn’t be bogged down in any way.

In this last video below, we get to see an emulator running on OUYA. As many emulator users know, running emulators on your phone or table can sometimes lag as emulators tend to get a little resource hungry. This isn’t true for all of them of course. In this example, YouTube user blackoutworm (awesome name) loads up the Mupen64plus Nintendo64 emulator onto OUYA and plays some Mario 64.

Website Referenced: YouTube

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