HTML5 Gaming and Android

With Google announcing full HTML5 support for future Android builds during Google I/O comes another type of gaming possible and that it browser-based HTML5/javascript gaming. In fact you can already check out some examples if you have Android 2.1 or higher. I recently checked out Akihabara but chose not to write about it just yet due to not getting it fully working.

Engadget just reported about HTML5 gaming as well which reminded me that I had tried one such site awhile back. I have no knowledge of any examples working on pre-2.1 devices and only semi-working on 2.1 (Nexus One is what I tried it on). Engadget just posted some more examples you can certainly try out (one of which includes Akihabara). Unfortunately until we have full HTML5 support within Android, most of these examples will only partially work (if at all).

Engadget doesn’t mention trying with Android and as far as I can tell only Akihabara decently works. They have a few games up right now you can try out from a Tetris Clone (hah!) and Pac-man to an 8-bit RPG game!



These are right from Engadget and I haven’t tried all of them as of yet but I do know if you head over to Akihabara in your Android browser, you’ll be able to test out the demos that are available to some degree. The future of Android gaming is pretty bright now with Flash 10.1 support and soon HTML5.

I think until HTML5 is more polished that Flash will remain (and probably will remain) the leader with browser based gaming, especially on Android but at least we’ll have more options in the future. If you get any other examples working, let me know in the comments including the version of Android you used!

Source Referenced: Engadget

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