Humble Bundle for Mobile 5 is now live featuring The Cave, Aralon, R-Type II and more

Humble Bundle just ended their ninth Humble Bundle for PC and Mobile and have already jumped into their next package deal which happens to be the Humble Bundle for Mobile 5. Spring Break seems to be a good time to pick up a lot of good Android games and Humble Bundle is certainly helping people do exactly that.

This time around the new Humble Bundle for Mobile features some pretty solid games, all available for one low price that you get to pick. Of course if you pay above the average amount that everyone else is paying at the time you purchase your Humble Bundle, you’ll get all the games including the locked ones. If you don’t pay above the average amount, you’ll get all the games except the ones that are locked.

So what games are in this Humble Bundle for Mobile 5? Well here is the current list:

– The Cave
– The Room Two
– Bag It!
– R-Type II
– Aralon: Sword and Shadow
– Carcassonne

All of these games are available on Google Play individually but if you don’t have the majority of these titles, this is a much better way to pick them all up at one time. Plus you’ll also be helping out charity as well. Next week a few more games should be added so we will post an update when that happens.

Official Website: Humble Bundle

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