HyperDevBox shows off the upcoming sequel to their massive Spectral Souls tactical RPG

Our friends over at HyperDevBox dropped a little gem for us to enjoy in our forums. While we all sit here eagerly waiting for the sequel to ExZeus, appropriately named ExZeus 2, they are now teasing us with another sequel only this time it is for Spectral Souls, their first massive tactical RPG they released on Android.

Spectral Souls, for those of you who haven’t played it yet, is a massive tactical RPG weighing in at over 1.5GB in size and it was worth every byte of it being stuffed onto your device. It was a full sized tactical RPG with all the eye candy and storyline you could handle. Well now there will be a sequel to is called Blazing Souls Accelate which is currently in development right now.

The above preview video shows off part of the introduction to Blazing Souls Accelate as well as the first battle. This will also be a full sized tactical RPG so be prepared to free up some space on your Android device when it arrives. When that will be, we don’t know yet but so far this game looks pretty promising already.

Developer Website: HyperDevBox

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