[Updated] Ice Cream Sandwich source code to be released on November 17th? Actually it’s available now.

Developers who have been waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich source code to be released may not have to wait much longer to get their hands on it. According to the CEO of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan, the source code is planned for a release date of November 17th.

While everyone has had to deal with rumors about when the source code would be released, Rohan Shravan has generally been on point when it comes to dates and releasing this sort of information. He was right about Gingerbread last year and usually is pretty spot on, or at least close to the dates he mentions when talking about Android OS source codes and chipsets from manufacturers. So when it comes to this sort of thing, it’s usually worth taking to heart that what he is saying is true.

Of course this doesn’t mean it could be delayed or come out later for a number of reasons. Hopefully though he’s correct and we see the source code land in our laps on November 17th because this would mean we can really dig into it and see what is hidden inside ICS. It also means the start of a new CM Rom.

Update November 14th, 2011 2:34pm: Just a quick update that the Ice Cream Source code has come a few days early which is a nice surprise and is now being pushed to AOSP. We will update again when it’s done and fully available.

Update #2 November 14th, 3:24pm: Just a heads up that the push is done and it’s now available for download on the git servers.

Website Referenced: Android Central

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