Idoly Pride Mobile Game Launches Globally

feature image for our idoly pride global release news, the image features an official promo screenshot from the game of two idol characters wearing stage outfits with sheepish expressions on their face, one character is blushing and holding her hand up to her head as they both stand in a dressing room

Idoly Pride Global is finally out! It’s been a long time coming, and for a period of time, many speculated that a global version wasn’t going to be released. Alas, it’s available to download now on iOS and Android. 

For more information about the game and series, visit the official website. Additionally, you can download the game on Google Play!

What is Idoly Pride?

It’s a fairly highly-anticipated game, with avid fans of the Idoly Pride anime excited to delve into a brand-new adaptation of the series. As you’ve probably guessed from the game’s name, Idoly Pride is part of the idol management genre. 

What Can I Do in the Game?

You can interact with familiar faces from the anime series, and manage the idol groups yourself! It’s certainly not a fresh concept, but it’s a popular one nonetheless. From the looks of it, the game adaptation brings a new story to the table, following on from the original storyline of the anime – this makes it a must for the fans!

Manage Hoshimi Productions and enjoy 3D live performances from the idols as they perform alongside a catchy soundtrack and stunning visuals. One of the main selling points of the game is the fact that players can have 1:1 interactions with their favourite characters, adding a visual novel-esque side to the game.

Is it a Rhythm-Based Game? 

Despite previous beliefs, Idoly Pride isn’t a rhythm game in the slightest, as it primarily focuses on building relationships and success with the idols of Hoshimi Productions. 

This could put off some players, as the music genre for mobile games usually features rhythm game mechanics. Alas, Idoly Pride is a more relaxed entry into the idol management world, allowing it to appeal to those who aren’t a fan of rhythm-based mobile games!
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